Paintball Equipment Exeter



Our goggles are of the highest grade with antifog lenses as standard, clear wide vision angles allowing 180° degree sight lines,

We the only site in devon to use these goggles, they are not standard issue site goggles.

Gun / Marker

Our markers’ are all semi-automatic, capable of firing up to an impressive 7 paintballs per second. The markers have been carefully chosen by our experts who have many years of experience to ensure accuracy, speed and reliability. Our guns will help you pick off your enemy at long range whilst allowing for close combat and intense gun fights with high rates of fire.


We supply a 2 piece padded body camo outfit we supply in a variety of sizes ranging from small to triple xxxl. The camo design will allow you to blend in to our woodland backgrounds and become at one with the jungle, also a padded hood to give you extra head protection.

Battle Packs

Our 4 pot battle pack holders allow you to stock up on extra paintballs (400!) so you’l not need worry about running out of ammo and firing blanks.

Upgrade Guns

We have a range of fully auto upgrade guns available, these can be added on day of play!

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