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Crackshots paintball in Exeter, Devon have created Twelve purpose built paintballing games zones and set with 120 acres on an ancient iron age encampment, earthworks and woodland that is totally unique.  Crackshots Paintball Exeter is one of the South West’s leading outdoor paintball centres, only 15 minutes from Exeter’s city centre, we cater for any group size, from ages 6 upwards offering laser tag and paintball games. We use the latest combat equipment, freshly laundered overalls for all sizes from Small to XXXL.   We’re also the only site in Devon that can offer the largest amount of upgrade guns, top of the range tournament style guns with 18 balls per second fire power available to all!  We use ANTI FOG Pro Wide Vision goggles to fully enjoy your paintball experience.
We are experts in providing Stag & Hen Events offering local knowledge when planning your event.  We can provide you with discounted taxi deals, accommodation and free entry into various nightclubs, bars etc. We also offer corporate days, offering up a pulse racing combination of paintballing and laser tag, clay shooting.

New Low Impact Paintball


Low Impact Paintball is a NEW type of game play that promotes the same physical activity, teamwork, and thrills as regular paintball!  The biggest difference is that it HURTS LESS!  The paintballs shoot just as far, are just as accurate, and still leave a small paint mark when making contact.


Low Impact Paintball hurts less because we use smaller paintballs, and specially designed guns to get the same range with less power.  Because the smaller paintballs are lighter the gun does not shoot them as hard, and they break easier on impact leaving less mess behind!

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